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Joseph Adam Field

Managing Partner


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I can thank a certain barbershop for my decision to become a lawyer.

Yes, I did say “barbershop”. In high school I would look forward each day to stopping at this certain inner city barbershop to peer into its window. There I would see a chess game in progress with a sign near it announcing: “black wins in three moves”. I would study those pieces, refusing to leave until I figured out just how “black wins”. One day the owner asked me if I knew much about chess. I told him that I was reading books about it. He then took me under his wing and trained me on the game. I went on to become, not a grandmaster or anything, but the chess champion of our high school for my junior and senior year (even though teachers were allowed to play in the tournament!). I also played in a community parks tournament and made it all the way to the championship game before losing. It was then that I knew I had a gift for analysis.

Not bad for a fatherless kid from the Mt. Airy projects and son of a Hispanic migrant worker mother! I eventually went on to St. John’s University in Collegeville, graduating with a Degree in Government and then onto UConn Law School in West Hartford, Connecticut. Go Huskies!

Fast forward to the present day and I look back now at twenty-six years serving our community as an attorney in private practice. I apply those same analytical skills today in advising clients on proper estate plans and how to navigate through probate. Call me an analytical nerd but I love it! It is what I do. In fact, I don’t limit it to my ‘day job’ as I volunteer many hours in the community serving on school boards and city commissions in an attempt to provide a reasoned voice for community stakeholders. This is one way I can give back when I have been so blessed to be able to hang up “my shingle” for all these years.

My law practice has progressed to the point that I have teamed up with WealthCounsel, a national, top shelf, estate planning services company that enables estate planning attorneys to become the very best in their field. I am soaking up all their resources and my clients stand to gain greatly from this professional association.

But I have not forgotten my modest roots and strive to adhere to the Good Book saying: “Be careful how you entertain strangers for by so doing some have entertained angels unaware.” Just as that barber took me in “as a stranger” to help create value in my life I now strive to do the same for those individuals that retain my services for their particular estate planning or probate needs.

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