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“Attorney Joe Field is highly experienced, and defended me in a really difficult situation with a relative.  After telling him my story of what happened, he figured out the situation and came up with a legal plan to implement. When I asked for estate documents to be done, he did them in a timely manner exactly as I asked and did not try to talk me into more documents than I wanted to do. His rates are reasonable and he doesn’t waste time on non-essentials. I like the fact that he is a Christian; he knows the Lord and can be trusted to do what is right.”

A.R., Anoka, MN

“I was represented by attorney Joe Field in a number of matters.  He has defended me in two different contempt of court charges, including one real estate matter.  He represented me in a harassment order, a parenting time dispute, a divorce trial, and multiple spousal support and child support hearings. And he assisted me in negotiating aspects of a very difficult divorce. He has been passionate about justice for me and my family, and not allowing us to be bullied by my ex-husband.

What I appreciate the most about Joe and his representation is his level-headedness and knowledge of the law. Each time Joe has assisted me, it has been with the same opposing party, and Joe has dealt very smoothly with this particular person. He does not allow negotiations to be “hijacked” or manipulated. He knows the law very well, knows my rights, and sticks to the point firmly, and humbly. Joe always includes me in the decision-making, which makes it easier to trust that he’s truly looking out for my best interests. He is very respectful of time and resources, and I feel that he works quickly and efficiently, helping to keep my case moving forward, and also to keep costs low. 

I truly appreciate the work he’s done for me and my family. Thank you, Joe!”

-J.F., Stillwater, MN