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My Bio Can No Longer Say “Fatherless Kid”

Well, I am excited to say that one statement I made there now has to be changed.

I state that I am the son of a “Hispanic migrant worker mother” and that I am a “fatherless kid”. The former statement remains true but the latter is no longer. I have gone my whole life (60 years as of this writing) not knowing who my father was. I was never adopted. I was truly raised by a ‘single family mom’, except from age 2 to 7 years when she was married to my stepfather.

Anyway, with the help of a DNA Kit I was able to track down who my father was. The amazing story of my finding him (he is an 87 year old Air Force Veteran) and meeting him & his seven children for the first time made national news! A camera crew was there when I visited him for the first time in my life on July 29, 2017! I am attaching the link here for you to watch if you would like.

I share this with you because in a world that sometimes can be hurting and heavy it is good to be refreshed by seeing the good that can be displayed in others, in this case, by my new found father and seven new siblings!

Here is the link: