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My Bio Can No Longer Say “Fatherless Kid”

If you have taken the time to read my bio attached to my law office website you will see that I provide you with a little history about how I got the idea to become a lawyer and a little insight into my upbringing. Well, I am excited to say that one statement I made […]

So, How’s That Virtual Business Going?

Some of you may know that back on June 1, 2016, my legal assistant, Suzanne, and I ventured into the world of a virtual business existence with my estate planning and probate practice.  We both have home offices and routinely communicate with one another from there via a cloud-based, encrypted system called “MyCase”.  Sure we […]

My First Experience With Uber Won’t Be My Last

“But dad, I’m going to be late for school!”  Such was the cry of my 18 year old daughter on her 3rd day of community college PSEO classes.  We were in downtown Anoka conducting some bank business, ironically for the purpose of getting her a car, when poof!, gone was my vehicle and I’m stranded […]

First 60 days of “Virtual Office” Existence for Field Law, P.A.

About a year ago I left the practice of “family law” to focus my law practice strictly on estate planning and probate. I teamed up with WealthCounsel and ElderCounsel, two national, topshelf, estate planning and elder law planning support services companies, to provide my clients with quality, comprehensive and up-to- date services. In preparation for […]

Change of Address for Field Law, P.A.

Starting June 1, 2016, Field Law, P.A. will be conducting business via a virtual office. In the past year Field Law, P.A. has established client meeting locations in Roseville, Maple Grove and Cambridge, in addition to having a home office in Anoka. With mandatory state required efiling now occurring throughout the state and with my […]